Friday, January 30, 2009

CVS Deal

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So I broke down and got the Pepsi Deal. I guess it will be awhile before we give up pop!!!

This is what I got

6- 2 Liters of Mt Dew 1.25 each (regularly 1.99 each)

10- 2 Liters of Pepsi 1.25 each (regularly 1.99 each)

1- Can of Formula (regularly 28.99 each)

2- Gillette Shampoo 4.99 each (regularly 5.99 each)

Deals Buy $20 in Pepsi get $10 Extra Care Bucks

Deal Buy Gillette Shampoo at 4.99 each get $3.00 Extra Care buck each, limit 5
This all ended Saturday, sorry it is late
Total Before $53.97 plus tax
-$10 off $50 purchase q
-$2.00 off Gillette ( I know I should have used 2 but I forgot it, oh well)
-$5.00 formula check
-$13.50 in Extra Care Bucks
Got back $6.00 Extra Care Bucks for Gillette and $10.00 Extra Care Bucks for Pepsi!!!

Total out of pocket $23.88 not too bad when I usually budget $25.00 a week for formula