Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week of 03/29-04/04 Deals

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I am going to start breaking the week down in one post for every store. As I find more I will just add to that post, so check back!!

CVS 03/29-04/04
Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber sale $2.99-$2.75q here =.24 each
Colgate Wisp 4ct 1.97 -.50/1q here = 1.47 each

Walgreens 03/29-04/04
Reynolds Aluminim Foil .89 with 7-day q -$1/1q = FREE (it must be the q from 02/08/09, it does not exclude 20 ft roll and that is what is on sale)
Equal 100 ct 2.50-2.50q = FREE
Dawn Dishsoap .99 with 7-dayq-.50/1q = .49 each
Soyjoy Bars 2/$1-B1G1 = .25 each wyb2
Chapstick Naturals or True Shimmer 1.99 get 1.99 back in Register Rewards= FREE
Ink Cartridge Refill 7.50 send in for Rebate for 7.50 = FREE

Meijers 03/29-04/04
Excedrin sale .99-$1.00/1q = FREE
Land o lake butter 1.25 -.50/1q = .25 each
Breakstone Sour Cream .99-.55/1q = FREE

Krogers 03/03-04/05