Friday, June 12, 2009

Biggs Double and Triple Coupons!!!!

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I am so excited I just found out about the double and triple coupon deal at Biggs until midnight Sunday June 14!!!

Double up to 1.00
Triple up to .50
(limit 3 same coupons)

I just made my first run total before coupons was $91, after coupons $23!!! Plus got .21 off a gallon of gas with their pump perks program, up to 20 gallons of gas!!!

Second trip $116 before coupons, $16 after coupons plus .48 more off a gallon of gas, so now I am up to .69 off a gallon of gas!!!

Here are a few of the deals, these are the prices after the coupons!! ( my printer is acting wacky so these are only coupons from the paper, there are more deals with internet printables but I have not got a chance to get them printed)

Kelloggs cereal .50
Wacky Mac Pasta .19
Flips Chocolate Pretzels .59
Lean Pockets .49
Flour Soft Shells .53
Franks Hot Sauce FREE
Wishbone Spritzers FREE
Smucker Ice Cream Toppings .39
Old Spice Deodorant .39
Hunts Pudding .33
Orville Popcorn FREE
Sunny D .40
Skippy Peanut Butter .80
Capri Sunrise FREE
V-8 Fusion FREE
Archway Cookies .49
Marzetti Dressing FREE
Pringles .50
Sunbelt Granola Bars .59
McCormick Spices .09-.39
Warm Delights .49
Suave Mens Body Wash .50

I will keep adding as I find the deals!!!!! Do not forget that the new coupons come out Sunday, so get your newspaper and then head to Biggs!!!