Friday, January 22, 2010

Ways To Earn- P & G Market Reserach- Cincinnati Area

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So I thought with all the market research studies and surveys I have been doing, I would share with all of you where to start making money yourself. Each week I will post about a certain company to help you make a little extra cash.

P & G Studies
This is a local company that is just wonderful!! I have done studies for them for about 2 years. I have done everything from diapers, wipes, maxi pads to fabric softener.

For your time your will be paid with gift cards from either, Kroger, Meijer or La Rosa's Pizza. Plus you will get FREE products. It has been a little slow right now due to the holiday season.

What you need to do is call 513-626-2852 and you will leave your name and address on their voice mail. They will then send you a packet of information and paper work to fill out. Make sure that you fill out a form for each person in your home. They have studies for every person in your family, some more than others.

It will take a few weeks but then you will notice emails from them letting you know of studies that you may qualify for. Fill out the email and then they will usually call you to set up a time to come to their facility. It is that simple.

They ladies that work there are always so great and they do offer babysitting for certain studies if you need to take little ones with you.