Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kroger 01/18-01/24

Best Blogger Tips
Same ad this week as last. There is a rumor that there is to be a Mega event starting the 25th, so we will see. Last year's January Mega Event I did very well, so hopefully we can get some great deals.

10 for $10 mix or match

Swiss Miss
-.50/2 q
= .50 each

Pillsbury brownie mix
-$1/2 q
=.50 each

Hunts Snack Packs
=.70 each

Sauve Hair Care
= .50 each

Suave Deodorant
-.75/1 q

Birdseye or Freshlike Veggies
-.35/1 q
=.30 each


Chef Boyardee
=.80 each

Banquet Entrees
=.90 each

Tennessee Pride Suasage Gravy

Pillsbury Biscuits, Cresent Rolls, or cin. Rolls
=.74 each

Kroger bagels, cream chesse, dips, hand soap, marinade, salad dressing, cottage chesse, sour cream, buns, twist bread or suarekraut
simply orange or simply lemonade
nabisco go packs
aunt jemima entrees
frito lay snacks
banquet brown and serve
hunts canned tomatoes
del monte canned fruit
starkist can or pouch
dove soap 1 pack
colgate toothpaste
colgate wisp 2ct
coke 2-liter
totino's pizza roll
hunts manwich
dole salad
armour lunchmakers
cremette pasta
hunts pasta sauce
lunar bar
vitamin water