Friday, February 5, 2010

FREE Make-up at Meijer!!

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So I only ran into Meijer to get milk and you can see that I can not just get one thing!! But hey, when you find FREE make-up, it makes it worth it!! There was tons of Covergirl makeup clearanced at 90%. Use the $1.00 off any Covergirl product coupon and almost all of them will be FREE!!
(Some stores may not let you have the overage, if you have problems using the coupons ask for a manager. My did not beep or anything, went straight through)
2-Covergirl Pressed Powder .45 each (clearanced)
-$1/1 q
=.55 overage each (overage will go toward your bill, remember you will not get money back)
1-Covergirl Liquid Foundation .45 each (clearanced)
-$1/1 q
=.55 overage
2-Covergirl Lip Gloss .68 each (clearanced)
-$1/1 q
=.32 overage each
Bananas .83
1-Meijer Milk $1.98 each
1-Family Pack Ribs $6.00
2-Lipton's Soup Mix .99 each
-.40/1 q (doubled)
=.19 each
1-Daisy Sour Cream $1.50 each
-.50/1 q (doubled)
=.50 each
2-Suave Lotion 3/$5.00
-.50/1 q (doubled)
=.67 each
Total oop $9.12, SAVED $37.89


Peggy Patrick Medberry said...

Hi found your blog at Friday Follow - great advice! I am now following you!

Brianne said...

Tahnks Peggy, I like your blog!! I am now a follower!