Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping Trips

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feel that the last 2 weeks have not been great weeks for shopping. I really have not found anything lately that has made me excited about shopping. But my stockpile looks like it is dwindling and I am wanting to go shop. So I made 2 small trips, but still not that great of deals!! Here is what I got....


Grapes .87

5-Del Monte Canned Veggies .59 each
-$1/5 q
=.39 each wyb 5

1-Pepsi 2 Liter $1.25 each

2-Gallons of Milk $1.89 each

2-Soft Pretzel $2.00 each
-.50/1 q (doubled to $1.00)
=$1.00 each

2-Simply Asia Seasoning Mix .69 each
-.50/1 q (doubled to $1.00)

1-Heluva Dip .99 each
-.75/1 q (doubled to $1.00)

1-Cheese Nips $1.59 each
-$1/1 q
=.59 each

2-Nabisco Cookies $1.59 each
-$1/2 q
=$1.09 each wyb 2

2-Crisco Spray $1.91 each
-.55/1 q (doubled to $1.00)
=.91 each

2-Dixie Plates $2.00 each
-.55/1 q (doubled to $1.00)
-$1/2 mealbox q
=.50 each wyb 2

1-Old El Paso Taco $1.42 each 1-Seasoning Mix .63 each
-$1/2 q
=$1.05 for both

Total oop $16.08, SAVED $23.69


6-Packs of Seeds 3/$1.00

1-Ink Refill $12.99 each
-half price q
=$6.50 each

2-Theraflu $5.00 each, buy 2 get $5RR
-(2) $1.50/1 q
=$3.50 each or $1.00 each wyb 2 after q and RR




Total oop $8.66, SAVED $20.47, got back $5RR


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