Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ways To Save-Grow Your Own Garden

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So with spring right around the corner, all I have been thinking about lately is getting out in the yard and getting our garden started.
Last year was our first year and I think it went pretty well. Above is a picture of our tomatoes when they first started growing. We did start a little late last year so it was late fall before our corn and watermelon came in. They were small but it was our year of learning. Peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos and onions did really good. It was not a huge garden but we wanted to see what would grow.
This year I have big plans. I have already made a list of the fruit and vegetables that we want in the garden and I am most likely going to start some soon in the house from seeds. So do want you own garden? Here are some benefits and some tips to having your own.
  • Saving Money!! This is the biggest benefit to having your own garden. Our girls eat tomatoes like crazy. I use to buy a large container of tomatoes every week. With our garden, last summer We did not buy a single tomato!!
  • Fresh Produce!! Having fresh fruit and vegetables available are better for you and your family. Plus it is a good thing for the environment!!
  • Saving Time!! Not having to run to the store to get a tomato or cucumber for your salad or garlic for that spaghetti sauce or strawberries for that cheesecake is ideal. It is so nice to walk out to the garden and just pick what you need!
  • Don't think you have the space? Make a list of a few fruits or vegetables that you would like to have. Talk to your friends, family or neighbors and see if they would be interested in starting a small garden and you can trade. There are many gardens that could be easily maintained in a very small place or in containers. Balconies, patios, window ledges are all great. You just need sun and water.
  • Try Something New!! Having your own garden is a great way to try new fruits and vegetables without the cost. There are many vegetables that I would like to try, but they are very expensive. I would hate to buy it and then hate it, such a waste of money. Buy a pack of seeds for around a $1 or $2 and then planting them is a lot cheaper. Once it is ready to harvest, try it, then if you don't like it you are only out a $1 or $2. Plus is you are trading with someone you can share these items!!
  • Save Your Seeds!! Knowing that we were planting again this year, I started saving seeds from fruits and vegetables that were eating over the last 6 months. Watermelons, peppers, cucumbers etc all have seeds that are easy to remove and store until you want to plant them. I would remove them from the fruit or vegetable, place them on a napkin and let them dry out for about a 2-3 days. Then I placed them in a envelope, sealed it and then wrote on the envelope what they were. When I am ready to use them, just open the envelope and plant the seeds. FREE seeds are nice!!
  • Family Time!! And if all of this is not good enough. Having your own garden gets you and your family outside working together. It is nice to see our little girls digging in the dirt and picking their own fruit and vegetables. They think it is so cool that we have our own garden. It teaches our girls responsibility as well. They know that they have to water and maintain the garden. Spending time with my family is the best benefit.

So get started!! Think about what you would like to have in your garden and before you know it, it will be time to start planting and getting fresh fruit and veggies from your back yard.

Soon I will post more about getting your garden ready and pictures of us getting started. So stop back by and see what all we grow this year!!!

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Laura said...

Love It! Last year was our first garden as well. Let me say that this local city girl had to turn into a farmer overnight! Our garden took off. I even learned to can! I am loving that when I need some spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes, salsa, or green beans, all I have to do is get a FREE jar from my basement!

Charlene said...

Last year was our first year with a garden too and I absolutely fell in love with it for all the reasons you mentioned. It's a great thing to have and I seriously can not wait to get started this year!

Crystal said...

I'm following you now from Friday Follow! (I know I'm really late...or just early for next week!) If you could stop by my blog when you get a chance:
Thanks!! Crystal

Brianne said...

Once we all start, we will need to share pictures!! I can not wait until spring! I even bought some more seeds today!!!

Coupon Teacher said...

I hope you enjoy your garden this year, I know I will enjoy mine!

Self Sagacity said...

great tips. I am stumbling your post back. Thanks for stumbling the Perilla Mint.