Friday, March 12, 2010

Kmart Super Double Coupon Event 04/04-04/10!

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Okay, so as excited as I was to see that Kmart was going to have their Super Double Coupon Event again, I had a bad feeling that there was going to be some changes.

Every time that they ran this last year, it got more difficult to make myself go. I was getting such great deals but by the end of the year you had to jump through so many hoops and the limits of coupons became not worth my time. I can only wear a red shoe on Tuesday in the middle of a snow storm while holding a yellow jacket for so long- to be able to use a coupon! LOL!!!

So here is the breakdown of this Super Double Coupon Event on April 4-April 10
*You must use your Shop Your Way Rewards Card (you can sign up for this on
*Limit of 5 coupons doubled per day per card
*Kmart store coupons and Kmart prescription coupons are not included
*Only valid when your Shop Your Way Rewards Card is swiped first

I honestly do not see how it will be worth going, but I am going to check prices next week and try to match up some coupons and see what I can get. I will post any good deals that I see for anyone that wants to attempt the madness!!

You can check here to see if your local store is included in the Event. Calling customer service will get you no where!! Good Luck!!