Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project Savings

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Project Savings
I hear all the time that people wished they could save like I do, but excuse, excuse, excuse. There is always that but. But it's too much work. But it's too time consuming. But the things I use are never on sale. But coupons are for people that are poor. But coupons are too complicated. But I won't save that much money, so it won't be worth my time.

But what about saving over $4000 last year? That was my savings for 2009. If you really want to make a difference on your monthly grocery budget, coupons will get you there. Yes it does take a little work and yes it does take a rocket scientist to figure it all out (Just Kidding). But if you really want to save, take the time to learn.

I have enlisted 2 families that are willing to let me show them the way. Both of these families are going to start off with a small amount of money each week to use for items to start a stockpile. We will also go over each week coupon information, store policies, stockpiling, meal planning, etc.

Stockpiling is the main key to saving the most money. When items are on sale and then you use a coupon, you are getting that item at the lowest price possible. When you are stockpiling you are only buying items at that lowest price to get you and your family through 3-4 months. Most sales come around every 3-4 months. Eventually you will spend less and less on your everyday needs because they will be in your stockpile.

Here are the families....
Family #1 is a family of 3, 1 being a teenage boy. There are a few items that they can not use due to allergies but they are pretty open to using anything. They are going to buy 2 papers each week and spend $10 for their stockpiling needs.

Family #2 is a family of 4, 2 being teenage boys. They are pretty open to use anything. But they are looking to make a huge savings on snack items for the boys. They are going to buy 3 papers each week and spend $15 for their stockpiling needs.

So each week I am going to send them a list of items that they can purchase within their budget of $10 or $15. They will then send me a picture of the items that they bought and I will post them here. They will also keep the receipts so in about 10-12 weeks we can see the total savings and spending over that time.

So starting next week watch for posts about Project Savings and see how these families start their way to savings.


Tina said...

I'm looking forward to following this series, great idea!

Tosha said...

I can't wait to see how they do!