Saturday, April 24, 2010

100 Boxes of Mac & Cheese and 20 Boxes of Capri Suns, $9.06!!!

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So normally I would not buy this many of a certain thing, but when it's FREE and we use it, I buy as many as I can get, within reason!!!

I went to my local Meijer and they were already out of the Kraft Mac & Cheese5pk, buy 5 get $5 off. So I decided to try the Meijer across town and bingo they were fully stocked!!! With 3 kiddos we average a box a week on Capri Suns so this will last us for the next 20 weeks!! I will be donating some of the Mac & Cheese!!

Check out the 2 Day Sale at Meijer, ends today!!

So here is what I ended up getting.....

20-5pk Kraft Mac & Cheese (.33 each a box) ($9.06 total for mac & cheese and capri suns)
20-Boxes of Capri Suns (all FREE, coupon on mac & cheese box for a FREE Box of Capri Sun)
3-Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks ($1.15 each- 1 of the coupons for this did not double, the cashier rang it in as only .50/2, blah)
3-Nature Valley Granola Bars ($1.00 each)

Total oop $15.63, got back a $3 Catalina coupon for my next visit for buying $10 General Mills, Betty Crocker or Nature Valley Products, see details here


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Hattie said...

What a great job!!! Wish we had that store down here. My boys can go through capri suns & mac n cheese like nobodies business!!!!

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

OMG! I am jeolous...We dont have meijer here....pathmark shoprite and stop and shop. I would have loved that deal

Helena said...

That is some crazy saving, girl! Wish I had Meijer around my area! I'd copy you if there was!

Couponing Grad Student said...

Wow! That is impressive!

cassie said...

WOW WOW WOW! great deal!!

Mandy said...

Amazing!!! I just ran out of mac n cheese. Which I had a Meijer!!!! Thanks so much for visiting and linking up!!!

The Brighter Side said...

Brianne...that is awesome! That is the kind of shopping I want to do! I love all these money saving blogs from you super savy shoppers! Thanks for all the tips!