Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FREE Car Repair Information!!

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Ever wanted to know where to get your car repaired? If your car had a recall that you were unaware of? Or just wanted to see what others are saying about the car that you drive or one that maybe you are considering purchasing? Well I found the place to check all of this out. offers all of this and so much more. I own a Dodge caravan and we have been having trouble with my heads lights suddenly not working and then all of the sudden working. We took it to a local repair shop and they wanted to charge us $2000 to repair something called the modular box? Really, $2000 just to get my headlights to work. It is not like it is the transmission or engine (things that would keep it running), it is the headlights. I can drive just during the day!! LOL!! Well after checking, I found several others having the same problem and possibly a recall on the electrical unit. Wow, I could save myself $2000!!

They offer so much information, I was really impressed. You can type in any problem that you are having and it gives you the solution. Whether you are in another city and need repair for example just look up; Dallas Auto Repair, you drive a Chevrolet Silverado and need information or just looking for helpful information to do a brake job. is the first and only place that you should go to get all your automotive needs. Best part about it is that it's FREE!!!

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