Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update- Oh, How My Garden Grows- Linky Up!!

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If you have not bought a topsy turvey thingy for your tomato or strawberry plants, head over to Wal-Mart. I picked them up yesterday for just $4.00 each!! Hopefully next week I will have them up and ready to go and I will share. Here is what I have planted and have started to sprout!! They look so cute!!

green onionsGreen Onions

parsleyParsley is looking good!
raspberry bushRaspberry Bush

So have your own garden that you want to share? Have any tips, ideas, pictures or just anything you want to share showing you getting dirty? Add the link to your post below in the MckLinky, all I ask is that you copy this button and add it to your post. Your readers will then be able to see others gardening tips, ideas and pictures!!



Ott, A. said...

so glad to be your newest follower and to join your linky follower. I couldn't find your badge, but would be happy to post it on my page. I just started a new feature where I plan to post weekly what we are doing in our garden and yard called "plOTTing and planting" hope you can stop by and check it out.

Jami said...

Thanks for participating in the Tuesday Garden Party!

CailinMarie said...

I love gardens - haven't had a good one in years. the deer & rabbits just are too abundant here! but this gets my green thumb itching!