Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Silly Rabbits, My Garden is for me!! - Link up!

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Okay, so last week while cutting our grass, we ran over a bunny nest. Fur went flying everywhere. I know what you are thinking, the bunnies are fine. It was just the fur that the mama made the nest with that went flying. I took my shoe and collected the fur and covered the hole back again.

My girls were so excited that we had bunnies in the yard. I was not so excited. We no longer have our dog and so I was excited that I could finally take down the fence around the garden this year. But I guess I was wrong. This mama bunny has eaten almost all of our lettuce and I went out today to take pictures for this post and my poor broccoli that had 8 or 9 leaves on it, is now just a stick in the ground. See what I mean! I love nature's creatures, but my garden is my new love. Please bunny stay away, I really do not want to have to wish bad things to happen to you.

We bought a apple tree and a peach tree this weekend at Meijer. The apple tree was $9.99 and the peach tree was only $6.99. The apple tree is about 5 feet tall and the peach tree is over 6 feet. I was told that you need 2 trees to produce fruit. But do they have to be the same tree to produce the fruit? I was talking to Tosha over at Savings Makes Cents today and we were trying to figure out if I had to have 2 apple trees or is it okay to have one apple and one peach tree. Can you help me?
Here are my tomatoes and a little bit of the pumpkins. The tomatoes are doing very well, I even have a few that have flowered. So I need to stake them this week and wait for our tomatoes to start sprouting!!
Here are the black beauty bell peppers that we got. My husband and girls love bell peppers, but they say that these dark purple bell peppers are the best they ever had. Little white flowers started blooming today so these should be here soon!! I can not wait to get something from our garden!!So have your own garden that you want to share? Have any tips, ideas, pictures or just anything you want to share showing you getting dirty? Add the link to your post below in the MckLinky, and if you want to share copy this button and add it to your post. Your readers will then be able to see others gardening tips, ideas and pictures!!


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Karen said...

No garden, I wish I did. I would love to have fresh vegetables right out my door. Of course I'm sure the deer, skunks, rabbits, and all the rest would love it to.

We go over and raid my BIL's garden.

zentmrs said...

Wehad fruit trees in our yard when I was a kid, and we have citrus in my yard now.

The one apple tree grew TONS of apples, and the plum tree had some plums. I was told the the apricot trees (we had 3) needed to have other apricot trees or they wouldn't produce.

And our lemon tree goes crazy with lemons (we only have 1) - the same seems to be true of our newly planted orange tree.

I think it might depend on the type of fruit. Hope you enjoy yours!!

Neccie's Creations said...

When I was younger we had 1 pear tree in the yard and it produced alots of pears. Your post makes me want to plant a garden now.

Thanks for following me by the way. I also followed you :)

Ott, A. said...

I think it depends on wether or not the variety is "self pollinating" or not. I have deer eating the green beans in my garden and will have to put a fence up soon.

Sunshine of Seven said...

It's mighty nice of you to feed the rabbits such healthy food:)!!

I have heard about fruit trees needing another tree, the same kind, about 50 feet away. I'd call the nursery. Good luck! I do love the prices of those trees though!

Lauren said...

Following from TTA!


~Holly~ said...

Sorry the bunnies nibbled your greens. What a bargain on the trees!!

CC said...

I'm visiting from Tuesday Tag Along and have become a follower. I loved veggie gardening, *sighs, but now..I'm gonna have to have raised beds or something..I have back problems and bending over so far is no longer an option. I agree,there is little else as good as a chocolate colored bell pepper..they're so sweet and crunchy and good. I'm not sure about the fruit trees..when I was small,we had orchards of fruit trees, but I'm not sure what it's necessary to have two of.
Good luck with the bunnies.. my garden nemesis was a miserable little sharp toothed gopher. Arghhh
I truly disliked that little guy.
Good luck with your garden..hope you come for a visit..

allthingsnew said...

Came by to follow you back :) I WISH I had a garden. We'll be in our house next year, so maybe!

Stephanie - Ten Talents

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Following from TTA! Have a great day!


Jami said...

Yes, it does depend on the varieties you have, especially the apple. Do a google search of the varieties and you will probably find out (I've gotten wrong info from nurseries, so I'd search first!).

I'm glad I don't have bunnies to add to the voles and deer I already deal with! Thanks for participating in the Tuesday Garden Party this week!