Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh, How My Garden Grows!!

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Not much different from last week, but here is my garden!!  I think I am going to start giving them growth hormones to make them grow faster!! Just kidding!!

One baby bell pepper in there, can you see it?
Poor lonely tomato .....
Green onions are growing great!!

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Cranberry Morning said...

My, your soils is so black! We are on sandy loam here, so we need to get rain often! Fortunately, last night it rained so I didn't have to go out and water today. :-)

Hope your lonely tomato gives you lots of fruit! Aren't sun-warmed tomatoes just the best!!

Chara Lynn said...

Looking good! Or should I say yummy! I have a black thumb, so thank goodness I have friends and family to help me get all the yummy garden grows.
Stopping by to say hello. Hope you had an amazing Independence Day.
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Stay Fabulous

Just Trying To Save Money said...

Thanks!! It rained yesterday and gave a little relief. I do notice everything having a hard time with the heat. At least it has cooled down a little for a few days!!