Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Halloween Deal Alert at ReRuns For Wee Ones

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I love opening my email to find great deals on things that we need!! I stopped in ReRuns for Wee Ones a week or 2 ago and saw that they had quite a few Halloween costumes for sale, still brand new in the packaging. So I went home to check what costumes we had and then asked our girls what they wanted to be this year for Halloween. They were unsure and wanted to go "look" at the store. In my kids lingo this means "spend a fortune". This year, I am determined to spend a whole lot less, so we will not be 'looking" this year at all. We have always bought brand new costumes at the store every year, letting them pick out what they want, spending about $100 every year for 3 costumes and accessories.

Last year I found a girls pirate costume at Target 2 days after Halloween for just $2.75!! And after clearing out some baby clothes from our toddler's closet, I found a Care Bear costume that we paid $40 for 4 years ago for our middle daughter. So now knowing that I only need 1 costume, getting this 25% off coupon for Halloween Costumes at a resale shop is going to save us some major cash!!

You can use these coupons below at ReRuns for Wee Ones located on Route 4 in Fairfield or if you are unable to print them off, ask the cashier to use code 555 to get your discount!!

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Happy Halloween from Reruns for Wee Ones
25% off Halloween Costumes with this coupon!
expires 10/30/10
50% off Onesies with this coupon!
                                                                                                                  exp 10-30-10

50% off Books with this coupon!
                                                                                                                                                                exp 10/30/10

If you are unable to print the above coupons please mention code 555 to the cashier :)

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