Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New HOT Cellfire Coupons!!

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Have you loaded your Cellfire coupons yet this week? If not you should head on over there! There are quite a few that you can not miss out on. One of them being the coupon pictured above, $2 off any Cortaid Product! These coupons are available to load to your Kroger card until March 7, 2011 and will expire on March 21, 2011. Load your coupons here.
  • .50 off When you buy TWO any flavor/variety Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries
  • .55 off When you buy ONE BOX Reeses Puffs cereal
  • .50 off When you buy any TWO BOXES Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks
  • .50 off When you buy TWO any flavor Betty Crocker boxed Potatoes
  • .50 off When you buy TWO any variety Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
  • .75 off When you buy any Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts
  • .50 off When you buy TWO CANS any flavor Progresso Soups
  • .40 off When you buy TWO PACKAGES any flavor/variety Totinos Rolls

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Michelle Gee said...

I missed an email from them this week...I need to go load mine tonight! Thanks for the reminder!