Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ways To Save- Use Your Phone's Apps

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When trying to save money at the grocery, drugstore, eating out or at retail stores; using phone apps has become a huge part of my everyday shopping experience. So I thought that I would share with you the phone apps that I use and if there are any that you use that I have not listed, share with me!!
  • The Coupons App- This one is probably the one I use most often due to the ever changing offers and it shares the lowest price of gas in my area each day. Which was a big help today. I passed 3 gas stations today that were $3.10 per gallon, that I normally would have just stopped and filled up. But I had checked The Coupon App before leaving and saw that a Speedway had it for just $2.94 and it was along the route I was taking anyway, so I waited and got a better price on gas this morning! The Coupon App shares retail, restaurant and other great coupons, it allows you to share with your friends via email or Facebook, create lists, save coupons to your calendar and search by barcodes to find the best prices. 
  • Shop Savvy App- This app allows you to scan barcodes and get a list of prices either online or at a local store. This way you can compare prices while you shop. You can also create a grocery list and share with others the deals that you find. It also keeps a history of all the barcodes your scan, this way you can go back a reference prices with out having to be at the store.
  • Cellfire App- This app allows you to load grocery coupons directly to your Kroger card. This is a great app for those of you who love to save money by clipping coupons but just don't have the time or forget to bring coupons with you. They are all on your phone, so they are always with you. As you shop you can add the coupons to your card and then when you check out, viola they come off your total bill. Cellfire also offers retail coupons that you take advantage of. Just click the offer that you want and while you are at the store and show your phone to the cashier. That is it!! How simple is that! 
  • Walgreen Mobile App- Walgreen now has an app that I think is just great. Although I do not use it as often as I should, it has some really great features I thought that I would share. You can use this app to access your local weekly ad, locations and contact information. But the 2 things I think are great about this app is first the part that you can refill your prescription with it. All you have to do is take a picture of the barcode and bottle of the prescription that you would like to refill, send it and in an hour it will be ready for pickup! Now I have not tired this but I do know a few people that have and they said that it is so simple to use. The other part of this app that I love is the photo. You can take pictures, send them to the Photo Department and they are ready for pickup in an hour. You can also check online albums that you have created and order additional prints! Isn't that fun!!
  • Card Star App- Is truly one of those apps that you think you may not need until you get to a store that has a loyalty card and you just realized that your little one removed your loyalty cards from your keys or you have your husbands keys, in turn you do not have your them. Then you are loosing out on a deal  that you can only get with your loyalty card. Well Card Star App solves that problem. Card Star keeps all of your loyalty cards in one place, on your phone. You simply add your loyalty card number or scan the barcode to your phone, it creates a barcode that can be scanned at the store. Next time you are at the grocery, whip out your phone, click the store loyalty card you need and have your cashier scan the barcode. If for some reason the barcode does not work, it has your loyalty card number along the bottom so the cashier can enter it. No more loyalty cards dangling from your key chain any more!! Card Star App also includes the contact information for each store loyalty card that you have saved to your account, along with a store locater. 
  • Campbell's Kitchen App- This app is probably my favorite. It helps me find recipes, creates shopping lists, quick idea shaker, share recipes with your friends via email or Facebook and saves and organizes your recipes. This app also gives you the option to create a Dinner Vote Option that you can then send to your family and ask them what they want for dinner. Scan a barcode of any Campbell's product and get recipe ideas using that product. This is great when you are at the store and wondering around trying to find something for dinner or if you are planning your whole weeks worth of meals, there are so many options when using this app. 
There are a few others that I have used and are pretty similar to the ones above and are all apps that you can download for FREE (except Apples To Oranges- .99 to download)......
  • Coupon Sherpa
  • MobiQpons
  • CheapGas!- Find the best prices on gas in your area
  • KidsMealDeals- Find Kids Eat FREE Meals and Deals
  • ZipList
  • Grocery IQ-Create shopping list
  • Groupon- Keep track of your Groupon deals, never print them again!
  • Apples To Oranges- Compare prices by size or amount- this app is great for trying to find the best deal on things like toilet paper, paper towels, etc (this app does cost .99 to download)
These are the main apps that I use on my phone to help my family save even more while shopping or eating out. What apps do you and your family use?

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