Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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I love finding new blogs, new to me anyways, and I like sharing my finds with others. So I think that I am going to start finding one blog each month that I really enjoy reading and share with all of you! So here goes!
Budget Wedding first off is just the cutest blog, I think I have ever seen! The picture of the bride with the bouquet of money, just makes me smile every time I see it! Anyways, Heidi is the master mind behind this blog, who by the way also has another blog called Little People Wealth. I don't know when she finds the time to write 2 blogs!!

Even though I am already married and do not need to plan a wedding, I do like seeing how she saves so that I can share with those I know planning their wedding now! Then again, we do have 3 girls, so in the future we may need all the advice we can get! 3 weddings will be a huge undertaking on our bank account! Budget Wedding shares with you all the ways to save your hard earned money while planning the wedding of your dreams. You can find deals on everything from shoes, flowers, cakes, invitations, and so much more. She even shows you how to create cute little crafts like Pipe Cleaner Roses to help keep your wedding budget on track!

So I am asking you to check out Budget Wedding and see what ways you learn how to save money on your wedding! If you are not planning a wedding, forward this to someone that you know who is, I know they will thank you for it! You can follow Budget Wedding on Twitter, read her feeds or just stop by and say hi!

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