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Getting Started 101: Where To Get Coupons

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This first step in getting started with coupons, is finding the coupons! There are many places to get them and I wanted to share with you all the places that I use to round up my very large collection of coupons!

  • Sunday Paper Inserts- Most of your coupons will come from the Sunday paper. A normal week will have at least 2 inserts of coupons in the paper. Occasionally there will be more and very rarely there will be 1 or less (holidays). Each week I will post the coupons that are coming in the next Sunday paper (thanks to Sunday Coupon Preview)  to give you a heads up and help you determine how many you will want to purchase.  Subscribing to your local newspaper will also get you the best coupons and with it usually being delivered early in the morning, you have your inserts and ads early. Also if you are in the Cincinnati area, check out the Bethel newspaper! They offer their weekly paper for just $20 a year. For paying for your subscription up front they will throw in a FREE Sunday Enquirer with your order. So for less than .40 each week you will get the Bethel Newspaper on Thursday and the Sunday Enquirer on Sunday. That is cheaper than any store or subscription through the Enquirer itself. They will also allow you to buy multiple subscriptions!
  • Facebook- Facebook is now offering more and more exclusive coupons. Fan your favorite items or companies and check out their special offers to get great coupons only available on Facebook.
  • Mailing list- Sign up for individual manufacturer’s mailing list by going to their website. Most stores also mail out coupons to shoppers that have an address linked to their shopper's card. So keep your shopper’s card information up to date to get the latest coupons.
  • Electronic Coupons- There are many sites that allow your to add electronic coupons to your shopper’s loyalty card. These coupons are then taken off directly at the register when you check out and scan your shopper’s card. No clipping, no sorting. These coupons are only good for a one time use and may be combined with manufacturer coupons, depending on your manager’s decision. Here are a few I use on a regular basis: Cellfire (Kroger Co.), ShortCuts (Kroger Co.), Kroger E-Coupons (Kroger Co.) and M-Perks (Meijer.)
  • Product Samples- When you sign up for free samples, they usually (but not always) include a coupon.
  • On the product- These are called "peelies" and "wine tags". Peelies are found as stickers you peel off the product and wine tags are found on the neck of bottles. 
  • Inside the box- Sometimes you can find coupons inside the packaging of products you purchase. Always check the package before you through your boxes away! 
  • In the store- You can find "blinkies" in those little machines in the aisle of stores that have blinking lights. You may also find tear pads and pamphlets in your store with coupons in them. Keep you eyes open when you are shopping! 
  • Ebay or Clipping services- You can buy multiples of coupons for the items you use a ton of. We like The Q Hunter she is a local business and has a very quick turn around time for your purchase. 
  • Printable Coupons- Sites like, Red Plum, Betty Crocker, Cool Savings or SmartSource. I have a list of printables sites on our sidebar for your convenience. You can sometimes find printables on the manufactures sites as well. 
  • Mail in for coupons- Occasionally there are offers where you mail in something for coupons. Last year Post Honey Bunches had a mail in offer where you mailed in 5 cereal coupons from another maker and they would send you a coupon for a FREE box of honey bunches of oats. Other offers may ask you to mail in 10 UPC codes from the product to get a FREE item coupon. 
  • At the register- Most stores have catalina machines next to the register. They print coupons that you can use in the store on your next trip. They are usually triggered by something you purchase. Some are also printed no matter what you buy and others are printed based on you shopping history (if the store has a shopper's card). 
  • Trade- Trade coupons you don't need for ones you do on sites like HotCouponWorld or attend a local coupon swap. Check with your neighbors, friends and family and exchange with them as well. 
  • Consumer review sites- Site like Bzz Agent and Vocal Point are two sites that send you coupons to try new products in exchange for your opinion about the product. Bzz Agent asks that you write a report after you buzz others about the product. In return you get points you can redeem for gift cards. Vocal Point is more lax. They have short surveys they will send in emails but you will not be "punished" (sent fewer offers or dropped) for not participating. 
  • Just ask- Contact the maker of the product and see if they will send you some coupons. Most of the time they will be more than happy to send you coupons. 
  • Loyalty Programs- Nature Made Vitamins offers a program where you enter codes from their products and you get points. Once you reach the pay out amount (500 points last time I was there) you get a coupon for $7 off one product. Other manufactures offer similar rewards.

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