Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ways To Save- Swap Your Kids Clothes

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I have not had a chance to try any of these programs out, but they seem very interesting to me, so it may be a project that I try out over the summer! These programs are starting to pop up everywhere. Swapping your old kids, accessories, shoes, hand bags or maternity clothes with other moms looking to swap their unwanted clothing.

Why spend $100's updating your wardrobe or your child's wardrobe? Swap your unwanted clothes with others, with out the big price tag!  I am of course a huge advocate of saving money, being frugal and being environmentally friendly. So having access to others looking to exchange their clothing is a great idea and will save me and my family tons of money! Here are a few places that I found were you can exchange your clothing with others. Know of some other place to exchange, let me know!
So what do you think, are these programs that you see your family using? Maybe you already use them, do you love it or hate it? Le me know what you think!!

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