Monday, May 9, 2011

Fake Coupon Alert- Enfamil Coupon

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If you have not check out Budget Savvy Diva's article about how to check if your coupons are fake – you totally should- How To Spot a Fake Coupon


What are the penalties for coupon fraud?

Longest prison sentence: 17 years
Highest financial penalty: $5 million
Prison sentences of three to five years are not uncommon. Financial penalties generally vary, but have often been in excess of $200,000.

This is why Budget Savvy Diva is SUCH a great resource – I give you all the updated coupon news happening in your world – so make sure to check back daily. If YOU have a fake coupon – there is a high chance that it will be accepted at the store BUT you can easily be tracked so make sure to know where you are getting your printable coupon information from. MANY fake coupons will be in BRICK format – meaning it will be the only coupon you can print…

I cannot stress enough about where you get your printable coupon information — I know someone who found out about a "fake" ( they did not know at the time) coupon from another deal site and was caught and fine the $2,500 .

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There are some red flags in this coupon that should let you know it is fake:

1) It is to good to be true

2) The expiration date: The better the deal usually a shorter redemption time

UPC: 580087430830 8179379713 0366100936696616

Thanks! CIC

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Michelle @ See Me Save said...

Thanks for the info...I'll be sharing this with readers tomorrow!

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

What a horrible thing that people make fake coupons.... and the penalties are intense. Shows you always have to practice awareness!

Just Trying To Save Money said...

Thanks for sharing Michelle! I appreciate it!!

Yeah, it is bad when you have to make your own coupons!