Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Started 101: Create A Price List

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Keeping a price list is one of the best way for you to keep track of what is the best price on certain items. This will help you to know when to buy extra to add to your stockpile. I have added my best prices to my shopping list. Next to the item on my shopping list has a price next to it. That price is the lowest I have ever paid for that item. Once I see that item on sale for that price or close to it again, I stock up!

Knowing what the lowest price for that item is will help you continue to only buy at its best price. Here are few items and the prices that we have paid for them consistently over the last year.

  • Toothpaste or Toothbrushes- FREE
  • Body Wash- FREE - .50 each
  • Deodorant- FREE
  • Shampoo- FREE - .50 each
  • Razor Systems- $1.00 each
  • Hand Soap- .30 each
  • Bread- FREE - .30 each
  • Chip Dip- FREE
  • Cookie Mix or Cake Mix- .25 each -.50 each
  • Pasta- FREE - .25 each
  • Butter- FREE - .25 each
  • Hot Sauce – FREE
  • Ketchup- FREE -.25 each
  • Green Giant Veggies - FREE -.25 each
  • Cereal- .50 each - $1.00 each
  • Dish Liquid- .50 each
  • Lysol Cleaners- .25 each
As you find good deals, keep track of what you are getting and for how much. Eventually as your stockpile grows, you will start to buy less items each week due to having a stockpile- you will just shop from what you have. You can then refer to your master price list and see when something is on sale is it the best price or not. If so then stock up, if not wait until you see the best price again. Most deals come around about every 3-4 months, so stockpile the good deals long enough to get your family through that time period. Keep track of how much your family uses the basic items for one month and then multiply that by 3, for a 3 months supply.
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