Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kid's Frugal Fun - Mother's Day

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Each week Mom On Dealz bring you a craft you can create with your child that is both frugal and educational. This week she want to focus on Mother's Day crafts. 

You may be thinking, "I don't want to create my own gift!". If this is how you feel, pass the directions onto your husband or another adult. I personally think it makes the gift even more special if you help your child create it because now you not only have a gift, but every time you look at you will remember the experience of helping them make the gift.

There are so many gifts for Mother's Day on the internet and in books; I have tried to pick a couple of the most frugal ones that allow you to use materials around the house.

Recipe Card Holder

Small envelope box
Wrapping paper, brown paper bag, or construction paper
Markers, crayon, glitter, any other decorative items
Glue or tape
Index cards
Recipes from internet or magazines
1. "Wrap" the empty envelope box with your choice of paper.
2. Decorate the outside of the box and labe the top "Mom's Recipes".
3. Cut the recipes out and glue or tape them onto the index cards.
4. Fill the box with recipes!

Photo or Memory Box
Empty shoe box or diaper wipe container
Wrapping Paper of your choice
Tape or glue
Markers, glitter glue, other decorative items

1. Wrap or decorate the outside of your box or container.
2. Label the box "Mom's Favorite Photos" or "Mommy/Name of Child" Memories
3. Fill with loose photos or scraps of paper with favorite mommy/child memories. You can also present it to Mom for her to fill. We filled ours with a flower Will made at Easter and a framed photo of the boys.

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