Saturday, January 8, 2000

Getting Started At CVS

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Coupon Policy:
CVS accepts manufacturer coupons, CVS store coupons, Extra Care Bucks (ECB) and internet printable coupons. CVS does not doubles coupons. CVS will also take expired coupons if they expire within the week that you are visiting. This is based on the decision of your manager, but most will allow it. For example, today is June 30, but your coupon expired June 27, they will let you use that coupon.

CVS also allows you to use a B1G1 FREE coupon combined with a B1G1 FREE sale, therefor getting both items for FREE. You will have to pay tax.

CVS also allows you to "stack" coupons. This is where you use a CVS store coupon combined with a manufacturer coupon.  For example......

Gillette Body Wash is on sale for $4.99 each
use $2.00 off 1 manufacturer coupon and
use the $2.00 off 1 CVS Store Coupon
pay .99 out of pocket

Ads Run:
CVS ads run from Sunday through Saturday.

Shoppers Card:
CVS offers a CVS Loyalty Card. This card allows you to get the sale price and sometimes additional discounts only for card holders. Your CVS Loyalty Card also allows you to receive Extra Care Bucks for purchasing particular items. CVS now offers additional store coupons via a store kiosk. This store kiosk is located near the front door and you should scan your CVS loyalty card when you arrive to see what coupons will print out for you. You can scan and print coupons from the CVS kiosk once daily. The CVS Loyalty Card is FREE.

You can also load E-Coupons to your card from UPromise. Although UPromise coupons do not come off your total at the register, they do bank in an account to use for your child's college education.

Reusable Bags:
CVS offers $1.00 Extra Care Buck for every 4 times you bring in your own bags and scan your green tag. This green tag can be purchased for usually .99, this is a one time charge, basically to pay for the tag. Each time you shop and bring in your own shopping bags, have the cashier scan your green tag card. After 4 times, you will get a $1.00 Extra Care Buck printed with your next receipt.

Additional Information:
CVS does send coupons and special promotions via email and mail, so sign onto and make sure that your address and email is up to date.

CVS offers rain checks for items that are listed in their ad that they are out of. Take the CVS ad to the cashier and ask them for a rain check for the items that you want. CVS rain checks do not expire. So hold onto them until the item that you want comes in.

Rolling Extra Care Bucks- CVS is great for letting you roll your Extra Care Bucks. This is were you can use the Extra Care Bucks that print from one offer to then turn around and purchase the same item again and again reusing the Extra Care Bucks to pay for the next purchase that offers a Extra Care Buck. Confused yet? Here is an example of what rolling mean.....

Sale ad says...
Buy 1 Gillette Razor at $8.99 each, get back a $4 Extra Care Buck (limit 3), you also have a $4 manufacturer coupon, this is what you can do.

 Transaction 1.......
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion at $8.99 each
use 1 Gillette Fusion manufacturer coupon $4.00 off 1
pay $4.99 out of pocket, get back $4 Extra Care Bucks

Transaction 2.....
Buy another Gillette Fusion at $8.99 each
use another Gillette Fusion manufacturer coupon $4.00 off 1
use $4.00 Extra Care Bucks from first tranaction
= pay .99 out of pocket, get back $4 Extra Care Bucks

and so on....

CVS does set a limit in their ads as to how many Extra Care Bucks you can get back. But they do allow you to use the Extra Care Bucks for the same product over and over again within the limit set in the ad, unlike Walgreens. This is called rolling.