Saturday, January 8, 2000

Getting Started At Meijer

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Coupon Policy:
Meijer accepts manufacturer coupons, Meijer Catalina coupons, Meijer Meal Box Coupons and internet printable coupons. Meijer Meal Box Coupons are store coupons that you can print. You can combine a manufacturer coupon and a Meijer Meal Box coupon unless otherwise stated that they can not be combined. Meijer doubles coupons up to $1.00 and has a limit of 2 like coupons that will double. You can read the entire Meijer Coupon Policy here.

Ads Run:
Meijer ads run from Sunday through Saturday.

Shoppers Card:
Meijer offers a Meijer Community Rewards Card. This card allows you to donate 1-2% of your purchase to your school of choice. There are some restrictions; for example your purchases only count toward your school is you pay cash, use a debit card (pin required) or your Meijer Credit Card. You can read the entire list here on how to get and use your card.

Meijer Community Rewards Card is FREE.

You can also load E-Coupons to your card from UPromise. Although UPromise coupons do not come off your total at the register, they do bank in an account to use for your child's college education.

Reusable Bags:
Meijer does not offer any additional discount for bringing your own reusable bags.

Additional Information:
Meijer also uses Catalina coupons, but only ones that were printed from Meijer. These are the coupons that print out of a separate machine during checkout. Catalina coupons can either be manufacturer coupons (good for only items listed) or amounts off your next purchase coupons (example: $2.00 off your next purchase-good for any items in the store).

Meijer also send coupons via mail, I started receiving coupons a month or so after I signed up for my Meijer Community Rewards Card.

Meijer does offer 10/$10 deals often. You do not need to purchase 10 to get them for a $1.00 each unless it is apart of their 10/$10 get the 11th FREE. This offer you will need to purchase 11 to get the 11 items for $10.

Meijer offers rain checks for items that are listed in their ad that they are out of. Take the Meijer ad to the customer service desk and ask them for a rain check for the items that you want. Meijer's rain checks are only good for 30 days, so make sure to keep an eye on the expiration date so that you can get the item they were out of for the sale price.

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