Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day- Recipe Swap!

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Pink Heart Shaped Pancakes!

This is easy. I just used regular pancake mix from Krusteaz, just add water. To get the pink is easy! You can either add red food coloring or if you have the crystal like red toppings that you usually put on sugar cookie (that is what I used). Just add enough to get the pink color.

To get the heart shape, just take a spoon and draw an outline of a heart with the batter.

Then fill in the empty part with extra batter. This is very easy, but I did have a few that did not look like a heart (more like a blob)!!


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Sandra said...

Pancakes looked good!

Thanks for the follow, following you back

Have a great week!

leigh said...

I am returning the Friday Follow love on Monday. It was a crazy weekend! Glad to have found you!

Brianne said...

Thank you!! I am glad you found me!!

Tosha said...

I tried doing this, but it didn't turn out pink or heart shaped, lol. They were still extremely tasty though. I used a "special" syrup:)

Brianne said...

Special syrup is always the key!! Did you use food coloring or the topping crystals?

Tosha said...

The topping crystals. I was probably just too stingy with them. I had already made the kids' food when I read this, but I still had DH's to make so I thought I'd practice:)

Brianne said...

I did have to use quite a bit to get the pink color. I figured I will try this again for other holidays and other colors!! The girls thought that they were getting special pancakes even though it was just plain pancakes with color!!