Tuesday, April 27, 2010

75% off Plants, Oh How My Garden Grows (link up)

Best Blogger Tips

If you have a Lowe's near you, check out their garden center as soon as you can. They are clearing out all of their spring blooming plants and marking them done 75% off. I got 2 Azalea Bushes for $2.50 each!! I loves these bushes, I think that they are just so pretty!! Don't they look great, not really anything wrong with them.

So have your own garden that you want to share? Have any tips, ideas, pictures or just anything you want to share showing you getting dirty? Add the link to your post below in the MckLinky, all I ask is that you copy this button and add it to your post. Your readers will then be able to see others gardening tips, ideas and pictures!!

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Tosha said...

Thanks for putting up my link! I went to put it in and got denied, so I just decided to read the "other" persons post on squirrels, lol.

Kroger did the 75% thing last week but I was in a hurry so I couldn't snag anything:( I don't need more yard work right now anyway, haha.