Tuesday, April 27, 2010

91% Savings at Bigg's!!

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Our local Bigg's is closing and if offering some really deep discounts on most of the inventory. They are still allowing to use your coupons as well, so you can get some really good deals! Here is what I got the other day, not much due to a 1 year old screaming the whole time.

4-Schick Disposable Razors $6.99 each
-.50 off Health & Beauty items
-$3.00/1 coupon
=.50 each

3-Pencil Pillows .25 each
-70% off office supplies
=.07 each

1-CoverGirl Lipstick $3.99 each
-70% off Makeup
-$1.00/1 coupon
=.20 each

1-Dora Bubbles Bath Ball $1.49 each
-50% off toys
=.75 each, bought this to try and help the screaming, but it did not work!! LOL

=Paid $4.15, SAVED $31.05, 91% Savings!!

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Linda said...

Wow! You sure saved a lot at Biggs!

Thanks for visiting my blog for Friday Follow. I'm running behind, but I'm now following you back.

I enjoyed visiting you blog, and I will be back to visit again.