Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Staycation Idea 1- Scavenger Hunt

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This week our girls are home for Spring Break and I wanted to find a few things to keep them busy all week long without breaking the bank. With my husbands crazy work schedule we were not able to go anywhere for spring break, so I decided that we would have a staycation! Every day this week we have something planned to keep our kiddos busy. And with the help of a few of my bloggy friends, I will share with you a new idea each day.

First, our girls are the type of girls that if they don't have something to do every minute of the day they are bored! And to be quite honest, I am not sure where they get that from! Just kidding! Anyone that knows me personally, thinks I am a crazy person when it comes to our weekly schedule. I love to stay busy and I love having things to do. I know, it is probably some sort of disorder that I have the need to feel needed and always on the go, but hey, I like it and it works for me!

Second, I knew that we have already planned a few things this week that would help them stay busy, but I wanted to fill in the blanks! We have soccer starting this week, so that means 2 practice and 2 games. We had already planned to go to the Zoo one day, maybe catch the new Wimpie Kid Movie and I was having people over for a 31 Gifts Party.

So with that, I decided that the first idea for our Staycation, was to have a week long Scavenger Hunt. Each day I listed the places that we had to go (see Thursday's list above) and picked things that I knew our girls would see along the way. Some are really easy, some are a little more difficult, but they each get their own list and at the end of the day we can compare what everyone found and where they found it!! Here is what we are looking for on Thursday to give you an example!

Thursday- We have a Zoo trip, soccer practice and my 31 Gifts party!
  • A Bird
  • A Monkey
  • A Elephant
  • A Tiger
  • A Insect
  • A Fish
  • A Hotel
  • A Zoo Worker
  • A Police Car
  • A Black Building
  • Something Metal
  • A Telephone
  • A Bridge
  • A Coupon ( you know I had to throw that in there!)
  • A Punch Bug Car
  • A Bus
  • A Old Junk Car
  • A Bumper Sticker
  • A Fountain
  • Something Blue
  • A Person With A S In Their Name
  • Something With a Triangle On It
So what do you do on spring break when you aren't able to travel anywhere? I have more Staycation ideas coming, so stay tuned for more great ideas! 

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