Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fake Coupon Alert

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 Thanks Budget Savvy Diva for this great post!! To read the full post, visit Budget Savvy Diva!!
So if you are a daily reader over at Budget Savvy Diva - you will notice that she has been posting fake coupon.
How to Make Sure You Are NOT USING A FAKE COUPON
 Know where you are getting the information
The deal is too good to be true
 The expiration date
The coupon is a pdf
The coupon has no expiration date
The coupon did not have a UPC code
Coupon is a Brick Coupon
Here is an example for YOU - Lets see if you are able to see how this coupon below is fake
The real coupon was changed into a fake coupon by someone who wanted free products - this is what usually happens with fake coupons.
Hope this helps you be able to target fake coupons - please let Sara know if you find one at

Thanks! WalletPop and ABC News

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