Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Blogger Appreciation- Share The Love!

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 I haven't done this is a while, but wanted to get back to it and thank those who have helped me!!

I am so thankful for the friends that I have made in the blogging world!! Some have been so very helpful with creating new things on the blog, teaching me new tricks and even sending readers my way.

So following in Kelli's foots steps from 3 Boys and a Dog , I am going to say a big thank you to the bloggers that have sent readers my way!!

I had 387 referral sources, 313 Facebook referrals to the blog, 172 Stumble Upon referrals to the blog and only 8 referrals from Twitter! I really need to work on Twitter huh?!?!

The idea is to check your traffic for each month and post the top 10 blogs that have sent you referrals. I want to say a big Thank You to the following bloggers for the referrals they sent my way!!

So here is my list.........................

April 1-April 30
  1. Money Saving Mom- 489 referrals
  2. Deal Seeking Mom- 335 referrals
  3. Cheapskate Cafe- 182 referrals
  4. This Mama Loves Her Bargains- 147 referrals
  5. Cincinnati Cents- 133 referrals
  6. Budget Savvy Diva- 111 referrals
  7. The Coupon Challenge- 107 referrals
  8. Nickels N Dimes- 88 referrals
  9. A Frugal Chick- 84 referrals
  10. Grocery Cart Challenge- 71 referrals
Here are the top 10 blogs that refferred traffic to my Just Trying To Save Money Facebook Page!!
    1. Luxury Living Frugal Style
    2. Shining 2 Save
    3. Smookie Style
    4. This Mama Loves Her Bargains
    5. Southern Bella's Ways To Save
    6. Real Mom Reviews
    7. Kelly's Lucky You
    8. 5 Minutes For Mom
    9. The Coupon Challenge
  10. Living On Love and Cents

Thank you again ladies, I appreciate each every one of you!!

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Michelle said...

What a great idea! I love it...might have to borrow this one.