Saturday, January 8, 2000

Getting Started 101:

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If you are just getting started in couponing, here are some tips that will help you get the most bang for your buck!

Getting Started At CVS
Getting Started At Family Dollar
Getting Started At Kmart
Getting Started at Kroger 
Getting Started At Meijer
Getting Started At Target 
Getting Started At Walgreens
Getting Started At Wal-Mart 
 Start off slow.
Do not try to get all the deals at once. Start with one store for a few weeks and then add another and so on. This will help you to feel comfortable at the store and you will not get overwhelmed. If you shop mainly at Kroger for your groceries, start there.

Get organized.
Find the best way for you to hold your coupons. There are tons of ways to organize your coupon. Binders, envelopes, totes, by inserts and so on. I use a coupon binder. I have seen them organized by date -when they expire, alphabetically, isles at the store, categories etc. I have a binder with baseball card plastic sleeves with category dividers (frozen food, breakfast foods, cleaning, medicine/first aid, other food, beverage, and so on).

Buy More than one newspaper
Every week I will post a link for you to see what coupons are coming each Sunday. Look through and determine how many newspapers you will need by deciding whether there are great coupons that you will use. Keep all of your coupons, even though it may not be something that you normally use now. If it is really cheap or FREE you will be kicking yourself for not having those coupons. Plus you can always donate to friends or family or even to local food banks or animal shelters those items you get for FREE or really cheap.

Stock Up
Stockpiling is probably the most important thing about saving. Buying several papers and then buying several items when they are on sale is the only way to shop now a days. You will eventually make less trips to the store, saving you money. You will start buying only when you need something and start stockpiling, then you will already have what you need on hand. I remember we use to shop almost everyday sometimes just because I was not planning for the week and was only buying for that days dinner. It is nice now not having to shop everyday. When stockpiling you need to have flexibility to use different brands of everyday items. Sticking with only one particular brand will keep you from getting the best deals and saving the most money. Don't forget to also stock up on items that you can freeze. Check out this list of items that freeze easily for use at another time!!

Make a Menu
Planning your meals will help to make your shopping trips easier. Once you know what you need, whats on sale and your coupons in hand you will begin to save lots of money each week. Less trips to the store means less gas, less wasting of your time and less chance of you buying something you don't need just because you saw it when you were there. Check out a few recipes and meal plans that our family has tried!

Have Fun
Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you can not have fun. There are so many ways to have a good time on a small budget. One way is to get your movies from your local library. They have almost any movie you would want. Some of the newer movies you will have to wait for, but sometimes it is nice to watch a old classic!! Stay in this weekend, order a pizza (using a coupon of course) and watch a movie.
Looking to go out? Check your local restaurants for Kids Eat Free nights or use sites like to get discounted gift certificates to eat at your local restaurants.

Find Other Ways To Save
Simply using coupons only is a great way to save in a big way at the grocery. But there are so many other ways to save. Get creative and come up with some new ways to save money. Here are a few ways that my family and I do to save money!


Little T said...

Great advice. I am so new to all of this. And did my first coupon trip. managed to save 50$ but i know i could have saved more.